Authentic kathiyawadi food


Authentic kathiyawadi food


Due to the hard and dry weather in many sections of Kathiyawad, the vegetation cover is limited.So, the most common ingredients in recipes are potatoes, millets, tomatoes, and brinjal.A staple of this cuisine that has merged with Gujarati heritage is farsan.

Known for its highly spicy dishes produced with basic ingredients, this cuisine.

A magnificent delight, the real Kathiyawadi thali features a wide variety of appetisers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts.While the majority of Gujarati regional cuisine has a slight trace of sweetness, Kathiyawadi cuisine stands out for its notable absence of sweetness and distinctive use of spices, which includes liberal amounts of onion, garlic, and green chilies to produce a hot dish.

Let us take tour of spicy,and authentic,tasty food.

  • ROTLA – This popular bajra-based flatbread is a Kathiawadi tradition and is free of gluten.Traditionally, a cow-dung fire is used to cook the thickly rolled rotlo, giving it a smokey flavour.They are currently baked on a tava before being roasted over an open flame.Best enjoyed with garlic chutney and ringan no olo.To know more redirect to https://vatans.com/our-menu-jersey-city/
  • Baingan Bharta-It is a traditional dish made with grilled eggplants,onions,tomatoes,Spices and herbs.Simple yet delicious with unique smoky flavour that comes from grilling eggplants on direct fire.In gujarati it is known as ringan no oro.To know more redirect to https://vatans.com/our-menu-jersey-city/
  • Sev Tameta-It is a type of curry made by mashing tomatoes fully and making its gravy and if needed can add onion and garlic and can be served hot with parathas or rotlas.Different types of sev can be used like bhavnagari sev,nylon sev etc.
  • Lasaniya bateta sabji-It is a type of curry in which pieces of potatoes are cooked and garlic is added as a constituent and when the mixture is ready and before serving it is panfried with some spices and kitchen ingredients and served sizzling hot with parathas or rotlas.
  • Papad-It is a type of crunchy biting made of urad dal or moong dal with some spices and it can be served with the main course menu making your mouth spicy and tasty and used as a crunching snack.
  • Gulab Jamun-There is always a rule in kathiyawadi food that along with tasty delicious spicy food you have some dessert.Gulab jamun is a tasty and a soft round ball which served as a desert.
  • Kathol-In this authentic kathyawadi dish consists some curry sabjis mentioned above and one kathol like moong boiled and then are pan fried are also a part of kathiyawadi cuisine.
  • Masala chaas-Last but not the least,kathiyawadi food plate is incomplete without a glass of masala chaas.It is made up by rotating the boss in curd and then adding some masalas some salt and two or three cubes of ice and is ready to be served.

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