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Indian Food Catering Can Make Any Special Day a Celebration

Whenever you want to celebrate your event with Indian food, Vatan Pura Vegetarian Indian Restaurant, and catering services can help you make the event truly special.

Whether you want to celebrate a business-related event or a personal event, you will enjoy your day, even more, when you trust a local catering company to handle the food and taste. You can choose a menu befitting of the occasion and, for little more than you might spend to purchase and prepare the meal yourself, you won’t have to think twice about shopping, cooking or cleaning up.

Indian_SpicesCatering Menus Appropriate for Any Special Occasion

Whether you would like to celebrate a personal occasion, a business event or any milestone that deserves a celebration, our catering choices make the experience simple as well as special.

Your local catering company can help you design the ideal menu. Whether you prefer a buffet, chef action stations, a plated sit-down meal – or some combination of the above – you can choose the dishes that suit the event and your guest list.

Catering for Your Personal Celebrations

For birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions, what could be better than gathering with friends, family and loved ones to share a meal?

You don’t have to wait for once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings to take advantage of catering services. Neither do you need a large number of attendees? In fact, your caterer can handle a dozen guests or a thousand with equal ease.

You can choose any location you prefer. Have your celebration at your home, a park, a mountaintop, your event venue of choice or virtually anywhere you can imagine. Your caterer will bring the food, set up, serve your guests and clean up the mess. You get to relax and enjoy the event with your guests.

Indian_Spices2Corporate Catering Make Business Celebrations Special

Vatan Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant and Catering Services in Jersey City have everything you need to make your next corporate celebration an event to remember. Grand openings, open houses, holiday parties, sales meetings or any other business events are the perfect time to call on a professional caterer.

If you have special clients in from out of town or you want to make an important pitch meeting more memorable, we as your caterer can help you design a menu that’s sure to impress. This is also a perfect way to show your appreciation to your valuable staff or a long-term employee who is preparing to retire.

Whatever corporate event you want to turn into a special celebration, trust a caterer to help make it easy, affordable and memorable.

Vatan Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant and catering services is New Jersey’s premier catering company, providing exceptional service for our customers. Based in Jersey City, we provide wedding and reception catering, corporate event catering and caterer services for any other type of event. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to showing you why we are New Jersey’s best-preferred catering experts. Also, visit our new website www.vatans.com

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