Papdi Chaat Recipe


Papdi Chaat Recipe


A common snack known as “papdi chaat” is a mouthwatering combination of tastes and textures. Chickpeas, potatoes, a variety of chutneys, yoghurt, papdi, curd, sev, and coriander are all ingredients in papdi chaat. This delectable meal should be served right away as a snack. Crispy fried flour crackers produced with either whole wheat flour or all-purpose flour are referred to as “papri” or “papdi” in this context. Chaat is a term for a variety of delectable Indian appetisers. Chaat also has the meaning of tasting or licking. Papdi can be produced at home or purchased from a store. They are simple to make, and you have the choice of deep-frying, air-frying, or baking them. A healthy alternative will be papdi chaat made with baked papdi. The process of making papdi chaat at home is simple and takes little time.


Making Instructions:


Cook Chickpeas and Potatoes


  • Prepare the papdi chaat ingredients first. Cooked, dried, or canned chickpeas are required. I always soak the chickpeas overnight or for 8 to 9 hours in water since I prefer to use cooked chickpeas. 1 cup of chickpeas should go through many rinses in clean water. After that, immerse them in 3 cups of water for around 8 hours or overnight. See the image of chickpeas soaking in water overnight below.


  • After the chickpeas have soaked, rinse them once more, drain the water, and then add the chickpeas and a half-teaspoon of salt to a 2-litre stovetop pressure cooker. Alternatively, rinse and drain the water from the canned chickpeas. Step 10 follows after obtaining 2.5 to 3 cups of canned chickpeas by measuring. But if you want to add potatoes, you’ll need to boil them beforehand. To cook them, either steam them or use a skillet or saucepan.


  • Add two cups of water.
  • Chickpeas that have been drained should be placed aside.
  • Prepare the chaat’s chutneys. You may prepare them the day before.
  • 1 cup of curd (yoghurt) should be smoothed out in a different basin using a spoon or wire whisk. When creating papdi chaat, the yoghurt should ideally be cool or chilled. But you may choose a yoghurt that is at room temperature.
  • 6 to 8 papdis should be arranged on a small dish or platter.
  • Boiling potatoes and chickpeas go on top of the papdis. You may also include some finely diced tomatoes and onions at this point. The chaat papdi gets a great crunch from the onions, and the taste is sweet and tangy from the tomatoes.
  • Include a little of the freshly beaten curd.
  • Put a few pinches of ground spice powders like chaat masala, roasted cumin powder, and, if desired, Kashmiri red chilli powder on top. Add a couple of pinches of black salt or ordinary salt to season it after that.
  • Add chopped coriander to the papdi chaat’s garnish.
  • Choose sev for some colour and crispness.
  • To keep the papdi chaat crispy, serve it right away.


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